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Tips before you set up camera for home security

Unfortunately, the world is not as safe as it used to be before.

Chaos is dominating due to problems that keep arising everywhere and expanding mostly in developing countries. Governmental activities never satisfy the citizens. Politicians

  • Tips before you set up camera for home security
  • Tips before you set up camera for home security
  • Tips before you set up camera for home security
Tips before you set up camera for home security
Tips before you set up camera for home security
Tips before you set up camera for home security


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    With all the recent advances in technology, upgrading your home with improved security systems is now possible. The best favour you can do for your house and your lovely ones is to install a camera for home security. The security cameras make their holders feel safer since everything going around him, during his existence inside the property or while he is away, are being monitored. This surveillance will decrease the risk of a robbery attempt. Burglars are aware of a protected home and are afraid to come into it. Moreover, in case of a robbery, a camera can gather evidence since it records every incidence occurring every second. This will help police, later on, to capture the culprit and conduct accordingly their investigation in a better way which will permit them to catch the thief faster. In addition, a camera will allow you to check on your kids or family from time to time and also check your house conditions. Viewing its great importance, here are few tips before you set up a security camera home:


    While cost is a major element in deciding to buy a product, quality matters the most. So on your way to the store, try to search for a good quality camera with professional features (camera display megapixels, video recording quality, the material used, software menu…). This will save you time and money later on.


    When deciding on a security camera to buy, try to search for professionals to install it. No one has time to update, fix or recover any malfunctions or errors in a security system. So coordinating with an expert team who is responsible for all breakdowns and failures is critical. This team will save you energy and useless worries by guiding you on how to use the camera, responding immediately to all your inquiries, and fixing what needs to be fixed right on the spot.

    One is not enough

    To guarantee total security for your house and its members, one camera is not enough. This camera can cover only a small range of the house. Some rooms may be left unmonitored. Buying many cameras is certainly costly and requires more maintenance. However, several cameras may be needed, depending on your house's total capacity, to increase assurance and cover almost all areas. In addition, for those who can afford it, interior, as well as exterior cameras, are the best defence for a house. 


    Keep it visible

    Hiding the security camera may put you at the same risk as not having one. This is because thieves are afraid of security systems and always choose an unprotected house as their main target. Thus, the more you can make your camera visible the better.

    Account protection

    All smart security systems have an account on which your username and password are registered. To get safer protection, choose a strong password so that hackers won’t intervene and steal your account, making your camera inactive. A strong and complex password is often characterized by a capital letter at the beginning, letters, numbers, and keyboard symbols like dashes, bullets, question marks, hash, etc.


    For professional surveillance, lighting must be optimal especially if the security camera display is not of high quality. Lighting helps you to catch any intrusion attempt more easily and to check the details of the robber and his body features to be able to identify him faster.



    Just like any other product, a camera for home with all its equipment requires at least yearly maintenance. For example, the conditions of the instruments may deteriorate, the weather may break some exterior cables especially during winter time or your WiFi connection may slow down rendering the surveillance difficult. Thus, the installation team or any other personnel should be visiting you from time to time to inspect equipment and repair something if it needs to.

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