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The Essentials For Smart Home

For many of us, smart homes are simply fancy, high-tech and expensive systems where light turn on or off in a clap. These are the homes for those who are insanely rich and don’t bother sleeping on the pile of hundreds of dollars. It is an elaborative way that Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg might enter their home either doing a retina scan or through voice modulations. However, sorry to disappoint all those fancy thoughts we have, a smart home can easily be available for people with the limited money supply. 

  • The Essentials For Smart Home
  • The Essentials For Smart Home
  • The Essentials For Smart Home
  • The Essentials For Smart Home
The Essentials For Smart Home
The Essentials For Smart Home
The Essentials For Smart Home
The Essentials For Smart Home


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    #F79646 ;">Smart Products are Expensive but Long-Lasting

    Actually, smart products are a little bit expensive for the first time than typical home fixtures. For that reason, people don’t upgrade and keep on installing some old, outdated and inexpensive tools which take up your monthly expense budget. So instead of spending money every month on cheap tools, spend it all at one on smart products to create a smarthome. It is important to follow latest trends, equipment and innovative home décor ideas.

    You can always start with a few essentials, and later on, move to something which is important and luxurious. Always ask these type of questions yourself to help you decide what is relevant and what is not. Ask what home systems are costing me the most money to run? Or what will be the monthly expense related to my home? What home systems do I need to monitor frequently or do I need the devices to monitor themselves monthly and what will be the expense for the same? All of the mentioned questions can help you narrow down your list.

    #F79646 ;">Belkin WeMo Switch

    We are always anxious about leaving something unplugged at home, whether it is iron or toaster. However, with Belkin WeMo switch, simply plug it into an existing AC outlet and connect with your Wi-Fi network. It will allow you to turn on or off whatever is plugged into them through a connected application. 

    #F79646 ;">Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

    A smart thermostat can be the best possible solution to combat fluctuation problems. There are two brands in smart Wi-Fi thermostat category, one is New Learning Thermostat and other is ecobee3. Both devices carry almost same benefits, except the later on is superior in terms of technology and endurance. 

    #F79646 ;">Smart Locks

    The smart lock lets you remotely control a door lock with the help of an application installed on your smartphone. Even if it is bit thick, now other metal key can compete with its compatibility factors. You can dictate smart lock to allow certain people into the house even when you are not around. 


    #F79646 ;">Surveillance Cameras

    The Netgear Arlo back is the perfect gadget to add two-way audios and sound triggered recordings. It contains rechargeable batteries, a base station with loud siren and USB connectivity for strong video on a USB drive. 

    #F79646 ;">Wifi Smart Air Conditioner

    It's no secret that AC is one of the most important appliances for the home or office. Want to keep your home cool but don't know how much energy you're spending, then it's the right time to invest in a new wifi smart air conditioner.


    #F79646 ;">Automated Curtains

    Automated curtains not only increase the comfortable of living at home (modern living room) but also help to prevent a burglary. Add elegance and sophistication to your room by installing best-in-class curtains!

    Manufacturers are coming up with various smart products every day, like, water leak sensors, water shut off valves to stop leaks, motion detectors, light dimmers (led strip lightspendant lightsflood lights), digital security system, automated home locks and much more. Talk about staying comfortable without shouting your utility bill to the sky and you are done. Also, consider home automation, home security products and home theater systems to reduce energy consumption and enjoy seamless entertainment options. No matter what you choose it is best practice to plan, strategize and act accordingly.