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Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?

This is the question that each one renovating or designing a home usually ask themselves. With limited space or limited budget, you might think that you can have one of those 2 options: a dining table or an island kitchen table. Those 2 items can be a place to work, gather and eat. But, should you have both if you already have one? And is there a better choice if we are looking for a better quality of life and overall usefulness? Let us do a side by side comparison in order to see if you would need one or the other, or better yet, both!

  • Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
  • Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
  • Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
  • Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?
Should You Get a Kitchen Island and dining table?


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    For cooking


    Here you can not doubt it, you will need the kitchen island. First, it is easier to reach the other appliances such as the stove, the refrigerator, so it is more practical to prepare and heat #food , the countertop is made and designed in order to handle spills and stains and it is easier to clean afterward. 

    You might think that you can do this with a dining table if you put it closer to the kitchen, yet think again! The dining table countertop is usually made of sensitive material that doesn’t support heat or stains. That’s why you always put a cover on it making it more difficult to work on or to clean. In addition to that, the dinner table us lower than the kitchen island, which is not practical to work with this height. so in this case, you can see that a kitchen island win over the dining table. 

    Keep in mind though, that if you are considering a kitchen island in your kitchen, you need enough space to be able to stand and walk around and sit some other times in order to make the set up more convenient. Another solution would be to get a portable kitchen island.


    other and Daughter Preparing Avocado Toast


    Eating Meals


    Eating is not only to give energy to the body but also it is a time to rest, bound and enjoy. After a long day of working and running errands, eating is a moment of joy. Dining tables come at a height that is just perfect for the regular chairs. A Small Kitchen island has generally #barstools for sitting while eating. The majority of the stools comes without a back. You are then forced to sit right or put your legs on the floor for support. You can always eat while standing but then you will be in a rush to finish.


    Do you know why dining chairs often comes in pairs? Because dining is made to be a social experience. Mealtimes are places of bonding and dining tables are sometimes oval or circular so people can see each other. 


    However, you might also think how often do you really at your dining table. 

    Times are changing, and today, a lot of people seem to use their #diningtables for something a little less beneficial than its intended purposes, such as a junk mail holder or even just an extra piece of material taking up space.


    amily Celebrating Christmas Dinner While Taking Selfie




    As discussed, the kitchen island table is not made to bond with family and friends. For that, it’s suits more to be a workspace. While working from home, the kitchen island is turned into an office. The flat, angular surface of a kitchen island is desk-like. In the past, when land telephones and answering machines were more common, island spaces were valuable for work calls and the phone was placed in the kitchen right above your kitchen table.
     There’s not a strong disadvantage to using the dining table as a workspace. The dining table is a large, flat space with plenty of places to put your paperwork and projects. However, if you have large groups like families, you need to put work away for others for meals and gatherings. Dining tables as solitary workspaces may feel luxurious, but more selfish when there are others in the house. 

    ide view of young female in casual clothes typing message on laptop while sitting a

    If you have a small space

    for small spaces, no need for a dining table at all. Kitchen islands can easily serve as a dining space. Depending on the placement, the kitchen island can also serve as a room divider, helping to outline the spaces of the rooms. 

    You can also consider having a portable kitchen island for more practicality around the house. 

    However, the reverse is not equally as true: A dining room table doesn’t work well as a substitute for a kitchen island. The height of the dining table needs to be higher to be an efficient surface for the rest of the kitchen. More importantly, the surface should be scratch and stain resistant since kitchens deal with messes, hot things and sharp items. Although we use cutting boards and trivets to buffer our surfaces, being slightly careless will do little harm to countertops. The same is not true of a dining table, which is not set up for that kind of use.


    nterior of contemporary kitchen with modern appliances and chairs at whit