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People always cherish the happy moments they have spent together. They may not remember what they have eaten back or what clothes they have put on, but they will always remember how they felt back then. Thus, plan a party that your guests will surely enjoy, and transform this event into an unforgettable memory by following the below party planning tips.



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    1- Drafting

    Drafting a party planning list is the first thing to do before going any further. This list is essential so that you won’t forget any single detail and won’t miss any activity’s deadline. Start by writing down all steps by order in a clear and organized manner. Which entertainment items and other accessories need to be bought? What type of food will you be serving? How many invitees will attend your event? Brainstorm your writing and work like a pro.



    2- Decide on your budget

    How much the party will cost you depends on your financial situation and on how much this event means to you. To create your budget, start by using a spreadsheet like Excel or Google sheet on which you will be writing all your actual and projected expenses and compare them to your budgeted expenses. Researching prices and reaching out to vendors is the fastest way to get you close to meeting your required expenses.



    3- Create a guest list

    Creating a guest list has never been a daunting task. Stick to a defined number of guests and send them invitations ahead of time so that they can confirm to you before if they will be attending or not. Think about going green by crafting invitation cards through specified websites and sending them online. Follow up on the reservations and always keep some seats for unexpected intruders.





    4- Dress well

    Clothes can reveal a person’s characteristics faster than communication does. Thus, dressing well is essential to give a lasting positive impression to your guests. In addition, it boosts your self-confidence and helps you to express yourself more clearly. You surely do not want to look troubled or unpleasant on your event day. Thus, choose clothes you feel comfortable in and if possible take some advice from fashion experts.




    5- Get online help
    Flock to our online website Casadar to research for ideas or 
    event planning tips that will help you in organizing better your big day and get a clearer idea about any destination management company. Tips on Casadar will boost your creativity and get you to think outside the box . This will allow you to solve any snags and to try new party ideas you may not have considered before.



    6- Shop early 

    First, let us agree that the list of items that you need to buy will be too long no matter how small or big your party is. You need to decide on the tables and chairs and get the right covers for them. You may need plates, drinkware, napkins, serving dishes, decoration accessories, centerpieces, streamers, candles, balloons, bar supplies, rental pieces of equipment, and many others. This is without mentioning the almost endless ingredients needed to prepare the food and desserts that you will be serving. Hence, spare yourself the heartache of getting things done at the last minute and the risk of not finding everything you are looking for, by shopping ahead of time for the items that you have written on your list. 



    7- Decide on significant details

    Use the below checklist to complete your party planning and to get all your details covered:

     - Date & time: Choose a day you will be off from your job and got no tasks to do other than taking care of your event. As for the time, it depends on what kind of party you will be throwing.

     - Music: You may underestimate the importance of music, but no event is successful and amusing without music. Your songs may be soft or loud, it is for you to choose.

     - Lighting: Sometimes all you need to decorate your venue is professional and colorful lighting. So plan it very well.

     - Location: You may decide to host a party at your home or to choose a convenient venue. Plan the layout of your chosen place and get all supplies needed ahead of time.




    8- Enjoy

    Yes, you have read it write. Enjoy! Many people become so overwhelmed before and after preparing their parties to the point that they forget to have fun during the big day. You have spent days and maybe months searching and working hard to make your party work. But the truth is that no matter how you have excelled in planning, if you are not happy or relaxed with your guests, your event will lose its meaning and your day won’t be a memorable one. 





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