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In the UAE, here are 6 tips for a fantastic bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is a hassle and a huge commitment. It is not something you can do very often; this is why when you decided on doing bathroom renovation you should do it full heartedly and not to be undertaken haphazardly. It is a great chance to improve to the space in order to build the bathroom of your dreams. However, doing it correctly is essential because one wrong step can blow it all out and cost you time, money and stress.

  •         In the UAE, here are 6 tips for a fantastic bathroom renovation
  •         In the UAE, here are 6 tips for a fantastic bathroom renovation
        In the UAE, here are 6 tips for a fantastic bathroom renovation
        In the UAE, here are 6 tips for a fantastic bathroom renovation


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    Plan it out 

    Take into consideration the nature of the bathroom whether it is a master bedrooms bathroom, a guest's bathroom or a kitchen’s bathroom. These details make a huge difference. For instance, for a bathroom in a master bedroom you have to take into consideration the general ambiance of the room, the bed design, and the color of the wall. You want everything to feel homogenous. 


    Lighting is essential for creating a mood-lifting environment. Bathrooms can be used for more than just taking a shower. Proper lighting not only brightens the space but also allows you to see things better when shaving, applying skin care and putting on makeup. Try to make use, as much as possible of the natural light source, by putting a mirror that reflect and luminate and removing and curtains that might isolate light and increase shadows. Keep in mind you don’t want to have dim rooms and flashy bathrooms. It is important to also boost the lights of nearby rooms by adding led lights for room.

    Surface materials

    Bathroom surfaces should be made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials. Some of these materials can have charming patterns that are very eye pleasing and give the bathroom spacious feeling. However, if you decide on getting your surfaces plain make sure to paint the walls to not have everything looking plain. Here are some ideas for painting walls.

    Ombre walls 
    Horizontal Stripes 
    Patterned Painting



    Faucets are a convenient essential component in a bathroom to overlook. Not only should you complement your tap style to your suite, but you should also take into account sizing. Make certain that the faucets you're ordering are substantial enough for your bath and sink.


    Bathroom decor

    The space before entering the bathroom is also important. You can add a dressing table with mirror facing the door of the bathroom to make it look more spacious. You can also store all the towels and necessary bathroom material in the dresser. Additionally, you can add few posters on the bathroom door to add character and hide any unwanted door details. 

    Little details

    Towels, soap containers and rugs play a huge role in the overall look of the bathroom. Shop for the trendiest and cleanest look for your favorite store and add character to your bathroom.


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