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How To Design Small Bathrooms

A little area is definitely not synonym to boring area. You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to style. You just have to know the know-how and your simple ideas can turn into stylish and space-efficient ones.

Small bathroom remodel can make it as glorious as a big one. You just have to be smarter when it comes to small bathroom layout. A small space doesn’t have to be cluttered or cramped. Your compact room can be stylish and sophisticated by adding some modern bathroom vanities. Some gorgeous accessories like bathroom faucets turn a modest room into a luxurious one and the bathroom of your dreams

  • How To Design Small Bathrooms
  • How To Design Small Bathrooms
  • How To Design Small Bathrooms
  • How To Design Small Bathrooms
  • How To Design Small Bathrooms
How To Design Small Bathrooms
How To Design Small Bathrooms
How To Design Small Bathrooms
How To Design Small Bathrooms
How To Design Small Bathrooms


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    Define the room’s zones


    Use the method of zoning while doing a small bathroom remodel to make it feel more spacious. The toilet maybe a few centimeters far from the sink you can separate them with a wood wall and a  tiled splashback to make the areas feel separate, which make the illusion of some sort of distance between them.

    Bathtub faucets position

    Small bathroom layout doesn’t have to be a struggle to get the look you want. Adding bathroom faucets to the side will help to solve any problem related to small width because the water will run away to the longest length.  

    hite and Silver Hair Dryer Mounted on Wall

    Opt for an oval bathtub

    Modern Bathroom vanities are essential to make the look fancier. For that, opt for oval freestanding bathtubs in a small room. This gives the impression of space. You can add a shallow shelf to hide waste pipes and it is also handy to display bath salts, indoor plants, shampoos or other accessories.


    reative design of bathroom with bath against shower cabin with glas


    Think logically


    It is always better, architecturally and visually, to keep any little space, open and not crowded with too many things.  Always keep it tidy: hang your towel on a hook or a bar, don’t add too many patterns, edit your amenities. In summary, make it simple.

    Keep your bathroom vanities simple and don’t use bulky ones. For example, use a pedestal sink instead of a bulky vanity one, a clear glass door instead of a shower curtain. Glossy tiles also make the space looks much bigger.


    Wall-mounted unit


    Wall-mounted modular furniture remains a favorite for storage. That is because it’s fuss-free, streamlined look. It is valuable in a range of heights, widths and depths. This means that you can create semi-bespoke furniture that best suits your space. You’ll find a wide range of colors, from soft hues to strong brave tones, available too, as well as plenty of different textures.

    odern Design Of Bathroom With Marble Walls  and White Washcloset


    Utilize wasted wall space 


    Don’t put your radiator directly on the floor. However, elevate it a bit to free some space from the floor. Take the extra mile and put it above your bathtub or toilet to make the most out of an unused section on the wall.

    Another trick to use the most during a small area remodel is to invest in a heated towel rail or wall radiator in general. If you can remove a bulky, low sitting radiator, the room will definitely look bigger as it will open up a lot of space.


    Keep the color light… 


    Compact room layout should always have their colors light and bright. Opting for lighter colors on the walls will make the room look bigger. In fact, lighter colors reflects the light and will make the space feels more open and airy. Ideally, you can choose shades of whites, neutrals and greys. That way, the light reflects from one wall to another. In that way you won’t have any dark spot or corner.


    hite Bathroom Interior



    But reflect dark choices.


    Like stated above, small spaces are better decorates with white to have an open, bright and airy feel. However, who doesn’t agree that a dark paint shade is always fabulous and on trend. With darker colors, the room seems cozier and sets a special romantic ambiance. If you are going to use dark colors, ditch our advice of using glossy tiles and surfaces as they will not reflect light.  


    nterior of contemporary bathroom with white bathtub and small table place

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