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How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier

Smart door locks are one of the best ways to enter into home automation. This special gadget gives a more functional and fancier look to your front door. Why use digital door locks in the first place? 

  • How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier
  • How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier
  • How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier
How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier
How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier
How Smart Door Lock Has Made Smart Homes Fancier


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    The principal idea of a smart lock is to facilitate your everyday life and make it simpler. Smart locks include many features like remote access, voice control, and scenes. With Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit, you can turn the lights off, adjust the regulator, and lock your front door obviously. There is more to it, you can even lock your door from any place or region than has access to a Wi-Fi connection! So why not invest in such a cool gadget and make your smart home look fancier? (modern living roommodern kitchen design)

    This door lock digital is fabulous for sure, especially that you can use it in many different ways! Whether you are near or far, you can still open and lock your front door. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular. Besides making a stylish first impression, you will be able to manage your home’s lock and lights with just a few taps on your phone. Before opting for smart locks, one should ask himself whether adding one to his home security system would be the right option for him, his home, and his family. What are the different features of a smart door lock?

    1. You will have a door lock with fingerprint and a door lock with WIFI at the same time! you will be able to open your door with both your phone and your fingerprints. These locks can be remotely operated and monitored with an app on your smartphone. 


    2. When it comes to the design (room decor), you can choose one that looks just like an ordinary lock if you like classy looks, like the Kwikset Kevo for example, which makes your lock looks regular, not revealing the smart inside. However, if you are looking for a more stylish smart-look, Shlage and Yale will make you one of these! It’s up to you to select the design you prefer and you think will fit your style and your house’s interior design (modern living rooms)


    3. This type of locks will solve your I-lost-my-keys dilemma once and for all! You won’t be obliged to always search for your keys before entering your house, neither would you be always bound to make sure you have your keys on you before leaving the house. 


    4. Peace of mind

    Another benefit of having smart locks is that you will be able to track who has come in and out of your house, for example, you will know when your child arrived home. You can also double-check at night from your phone whether your door is locked or unlocked from the comfort of your bed, and anywhere in the world.


    5. Protection from lock picking

    Traditional key locks may be subject to lock picking by thieves. With smart locks, thieves won’t be able to bump your lock anymore! So, you can rest assured that no break-ins will occur, but beware that smart locks have some cons that may expose you to some unsafe situations. 


    6. A wide array of smart locks

    Biometrics, keypads (you should change the passcode very often for security purposes), smartphones.


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    Locksmiths use the best lockpicking techniques to deal with such types of problems.

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    by Sophia Marian