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How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home

While staying at home, many of us are more aware about their environment. All of us have even more time to make plans. It is actually the perfect time to ask for quotes for home decor and explain your idea and projects you always envisaged.

However, in the light of the surge of the coronavirus crisis, is it a good idea to start a new project? Can home decor designers work from home?

In this post, we will detail how interior designers are managing under lockdown conditions, to offer the best services while many of us are still wondering how to actually work from home.

  • How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
  • How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
  • How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
  • How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
  • How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home
How Interior Decor Designers Work from Home


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    1. Can interior designers actually work from home?

    In the interior design industry, home decor is a small job requiring only one designer. That’s why an office based environment is not always required. Many freelancers already work in a home office setting anyway. They are also trained to design the most comfortable home offices and the most esthetic ones.


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    2. Initial consultation and quotation


    it is during this phase that the customer and the designer can take advantage to build good relationship. This can be done over the phone or better yet through a video call. This can be done several time as the designer is from the comfort of his home not having to spend time on the street.

    The next step is for the designer to prepare a quote for the client.

    The designer can ask clients to send key information before having the call.   The video call can be a walk-through of the spaces to be redecorated. 

    In that way, the designer can actually quote the time spent on the call. Young clients can at least then have a consultation with the designer and actually control their budget.



    3. Survey

    There is the time for the client to collaborate with his interior designer for home decor.  

    If you have any floor plans, special taste you would like to share, measurements, this would be helpful for your interior designer to better understand the space and dimensions if they can’t be there in person.

    If the client doesn’t have any map, he must help the designer by taking some precise measurement and communicate it to him.


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    4. Concept Design


    Each designer uses their own methods to help the client design their home. It is usually a collaborative process between the two partners. Online tools like Pinterest to help the designer visualize the idea to the customer or vice-versa.  Interior décor designers use already sketches, drawings and computer visualizations. Designers use Computer generated images (CGIs) to help the client understand the design. And as long as screen sharing is an option, discussing those ideas is not an issue anymore.


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    5. The challenges


    The access to fabric and samples is more challenging. They can always be delivered however this might take more time to deliver the project. For this, the designer has two options: either wait until the sample is delivered to discuss it with his client or he has no choice but commute to the office. 


    Manufacturers are also slower in delivering their work as they are limiting workers in their factories to insure physical distancing. 


    Creating artistic finishes and fabrics is also challenging.  Small businesses that have the skills that take years to train in are threatened to close.

    Between  waiting for the sample to arrive and the manufacture to produce, the client must expect a delay in his project.

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    6. The benefits

    Since people are spending more time at home, people are seeing their home from a new eye and they maybe need to redecorate it to incorporate a home gym or a home office.

    Designers have also more time to research and get more innovative. They have also more time to gather a team of project managers and architects in order to deliver the best options possible.


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    Working from home is not going anywhere. The process is encouraging designers to think outside of the box on what to deliver in terms of innovation and how to deliver it .