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How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life

Humans have exhausted the planet!

They do not understand the sacred relationship that relates them to it.

  • How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life
  • How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life
  • How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life
How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life
How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life
How Green Architecture is Making a Difference in Real Life


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    They are simply not aware that their energy vibrates at the same frequency as the earth, which means if the earth is weak so they will be and if it is healthy so are they. As it is said, “what comes around goes back around”.

    Thus, throughout the years, humans have depleted all the earth’s resources and they have lost their connection to Mother Nature, making the salvation of the universe a very hard matter.

    However, if proper steps start to take place, they can save nature’s noble manifestations and contribute to its sustainable development. A major step is planting the seeds of trees which are the seeds of a brighter and healthier future. A tree or even a plant cleans up the air and helps to reduce the risk of climate change. Another step is reducing air pollution by using a bike instead of a car. Indeed, driving a car not only increases traffic and pollutes the air, but harms the ozone layer too and makes the driver stressed. A third step is being a conscious shopper by buying environmentally friendly products like reusable bags. Finally, a fourth but essential step is green architecture.

    What is green architecture?

    Green architecture is a philosophy of individual collaboration and awareness that aims towards saving the biodiversity of the earth, reducing energy consumption, guarding natural resources, and providing sustainable and safer living. It is a new technology that is becoming each day more recognizable and accessible and that gives more environmental care at the design stage. This technology is a new art by itself. It is the art of designing efficient green architecture landscapes and new buildings constructed in a way that conserves energy, with modest use of building materials. 

    Green architecture is a thoughtful architecture design made by taking environmental business decisions, making green choices, and implementing conscious use of materials, to have a positive environmental human impact on the earth. 

    What are the characteristics of green architecture?

    Dating back to the early 90s, green architecture turned from the idea to the implementation phase. Buildings that used to have negative effects on their environment are now becoming more eco-friendly and healthy with the following listed characteristics:

    • Adaptable and flexible designs      that can cope with all sudden changes in the environment
    • Efficient materials that function      well in all climates
    • Inputs with safe disposal,      production, and use 
    • Conservation of energy and water and other natural resources
    • Elegant designs that take into consideration the client’s needs and requirements
    • Use of solar and renewable energy
    • Recycling, repairing and reusing

    The difference that Green Architecture makes in real life

    When architecture turns to eco-friendly art, the results will certainly be amazing. And when the efforts of the developers, the laborers, the electricians, the engineers, the managers, and the equipment operators are gathered, a “normal” building will turn into a vigorous building. Green architecture is bringing a huge and positive difference into people’s life. 

     Buildings, one of the main gas emission sources, when made green, will slow climate change and reduce the pollution in the air. Global warming, which Mr. John Haughton describes as a “weapon of mass destruction”, will be minimized. By minimizing this risk, sea level will decrease, global temperature will be reduced, hurricanes will gradually disappear, food crops will be protected and public health will be improved. 

     Plus, speaking on a psychological level, they will improve the mental and physical health of their inhabitants; indeed, improving the quality of the air, using nontoxic materials, and increasing the natural light will make people more productive. They will be able to reason better, work smarter, sleep deeper, and think optimistically. Their time will be managed professionally. They will become more comfortable and tranquil and will be able to make better decisions that will save them and benefit others around them.

     Increased exposure to natural light not only reduces the electricity bill, it strengthens people’s immunity systems, reduces their blood sugar level, and takes all their worries and anxieties away.  

     Besides, green architecture is economically effective in that it reduces bills costs, construction costs, day-to-day living costs, and all other related costs. In addition, it brings more job opportunities and higher demand for green architects and their efficient used materials. 

     Eventually, green architecture guards our ecosystem by reducing people’s reliance on non-renewable resources, decreasing the waste of materials, saving water, and rendering a house a real asset to its owner and not a liability. 

    Ultimatelysaving our planet is a duty and a responsibility of every one of us. No one should destroy the source that brings him life itself. No one should ever think of disrespecting nature for that nature is a pure and innocent beauty made by the creator for us to enjoy and cherish. And finally, no one should ever abuse the earth that unites all of us and on which we are nothing but guests.

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