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Gym at Home, Here are the Basics

If you have a spare room large enough for a bed, you can convert it into a state of the art gym for the right budget. No more spending in vain on a gym subscription that stresses you out just to attend. You can now work out anytime from the comfort of your own home.


  • Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
  • Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
  • Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
  • Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
Gym at Home, Here are the Basics
Gym at Home, Here are the Basics


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    #ED7D31 ;">Why Prefer A Home Gym?

    Home gyms come with a host of benefits that can make it a better option for you. Time-saving is a huge factor as you save a lot of time maintaining workout schedules with your office times. You can work out anytime from the comfort of your home, and also personalize your routine rather than follow a generalized program. Make it look appealing by installing colored rugs or carpets as a room decor!


    #ED7D31 ;">Budget

    While outdoor gyms are based on subscriptions, and this is where home gyms become the Cost effective option. There are three main categories to look for when deciding on your home gym budget – weights, calisthenics, and cardio. Weights and cardio machines are the most expensive while you can set up the freehand gear anywhere you like.

    #ED7D31 ;">Personalized Workout

    A home gym is where you get to reap the many benefits of a personalized workout. You can get personal trainers to help you chalk up your perfect workout routine and consult a dietician to find out what works best for you. 

    #ED7D31 ;">Building the Home Gym

    #ED7D31 ;">Calisthenics

    This section includes almost all of the freehand exercises, but there is equipment you will need for calisthenics. Basic gear includes a pull-up bar, jump rope, fitness ball, and a dip stand. Advanced calisthenics includes a power tower, ab wheel, weighted vest, and gymnastic rings. 


    #ED7D31 ;">Aerobic and Cardio

    This is the most important category and also one of the most expensive if you don’t know what to buy. Cardio equipment has been widely debated and even now, most professionals would grudgingly agree there’s no substitute to old-fashioned running. Other equipment includes rowers, step-mills, Jacob’s ladder, stationary cycle, and the good old treadmill.

    #ED7D31 ;">Weights

    #gym equipment

    Probably the most awaited section, the weight category is relatively simple, and you can pretty much pull off any workout routine with just a pair of dumbbells. Remember, light weights are better for muscle tone, while heavyweights are needed for mass and build up.

    Sport Specific Gyms

    #ED7D31 ;">Combat Sports

    Home gyms for sports training is a little different as you have to invest in makeshift rings, punching bags, space for shadow boxing, etc. There are several levels in punching bags by increasing in weight and hardness, and you can consult with your trainer for specific training gear like mock dummies, benches, obstacle courses, etc.

    #ED7D31 ;">Freehand and Yoga

    You rarely need any gear for this, but if you are practicing indoors, mats are a good idea. Other equipment can include exercise balls for core training, jump ropes, and light weights, though these should not be used without first consulting your trainers.


    #ED7D31 ;">Training Aesthetics

    Specialized gyms are quickly becoming popular, and home gyms are riding the trend by at least getting the look right. Mirrors are important for ensuring you are graceful, mock courts are useful for practicing racquet sports, and you can even install free-run obstacle courses. you can train in your modern living room or modern kitchen design as you please or near your bar cabinet)