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Dining room. how to decide on size and shape


Thorough planning of dining room are laborous but fun especially when you’re having the thought of the people who’ll be sitting in, eating, entertaining and totally, you’re planning a dining room for enjoying family dinner and festivities and of course who doesn’t want a elegant classy dining room for their family? We put on our guides for creating a space for dining with class and style.


  • Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
  • Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
  • Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
  • Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
  • Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
Dining room. how to decide on size and shape
Dining room. how to decide on size and shape


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    Take note of the size of your family or number of person living in the house

    The size of the dining room should accomodate the family members and should be an ease for conversations and entertainment. Dining tables often highlights and represent the shape of the dining room but each, have different function and purposes, and also relates to the type of connection and relationship of the people who’ll be in the dining room—can be circular, square, rectangular and oblong shape. 

    ROUND DINING TABLES are preferred for smaller family sizes, closer bonding and fit for wider spaces. Round Tables also gives curvy, circular and unique element to the room; not a plain and boring one. Use round wooden dining  table , if you have wider size of room as it can minimise hazards but consume more space than edgy tables—the reason is that it can’t be put on the side or near the walls because doing so can only create imbalance and not harmony. These shapes of table are good in the center and spacey rooms.


    SQUARE TABLES (coffee tables, or dressing table with mirror) best fits for smaller family and smaller room; a group of four who have a small dining room. Square Tables are usually seen on condominiums and apartment because of it’s convenience, lightweight element to the room and also, being rational to the size of the room. Use this if you want to save some space for other furnitures. Tip: if it seems boring to you, you can put round or freeshape rugs. 

    RECTANGULAR TABLES are for bigger family, formal occasions and dinner, and much applicable to entertaining guests. It’s longtitudunal type are perfect for serving meals more than the usual and typical dinner. Though it is perfect for formal guests, it is not for intimate and closer conversations. You can also see these type of tables on castle or houses of the kings and queens, rulers or even modern and rich families. If you have a big, warm and rich dining room, these rectangular tables are perfect for you and your family. 

    Check the layout of your house

    You should know the outlets and connection of your dining room and the plan of your entire house so that you can decide what type of dining room layout that best match and suits your home. Leave enough space for roaming around the dining room, pushing chairs, serving meals, conversing and place the furnitures properly not to disrupt the traffic flow of the space. 

    Assess the budget beforehand

    Before hiring people or buying everything you need for the dining room, estimate the budget you’ll need and the money you have in hand. A creative one can make a room classy and elegant even with low budget just with being resourceful. But sure enough, greater budget or even not considering it can help you to access wide variety of furniture and decorations and do more for the design. Make sure to enlist the things you need, where to buy and whom to hire.

    Pick the furniture wisely

    Be wise in picking up furniture! Pick what best accords to theme, to the space, the size and the shape. Furniture shouldn’t block the pathways and shouldn’t be far from each other. Here are some tips in picking up furniture for you dining room:

    •Dining chairs should match the dining table

    •Dining sets should match the number of family member; always prefer to standard sizes to fit with either 2, 4, 6, 8 or more family members—even numbers usually. Also, don’t forget to reserve extra sit for guests and visitors. Basically, it’s always possible to have extra chairs since the numbers for it comes in even numbers. 

    •China Cabinets and Buffets should be placed in the corner and near walls but not behind doors or entry, prefer the standard measurement of distance between table and cabinets—which is 36 inches

    •Serving carts are also used as an alternative to cabinets when your space is small

    Add soft furnishings and accents

    You can use rugs and carpets not only for comfort but  to empower the style of your space and enhance it’s elegance and class. Varieties like European rugs, Chinese rugs, wool rug, Persian carpets shows a traditional style of dining room with it’s vibrant colors—this is also perfect for wood rooms, classic and traditional rooms. Meanwhile, modern moquettes comes with different patterns, colors and textures—you can choose from a colorful one to a neutral modern color like beige and white depending on the flooring and the theme of your dining room. A room may look brighter and bolder with this; nevertheless, it may look pale, dull and boring, so take risk and put one. 


    Consider the kitchen before deciding the layout of dining room

    Kitchen are always connected to dining rooms logically. So you should always refer to the kitchen as the function of dining rooms is to eat, and the kitchen to cook and prepare meals for what to serve on dining rooms. It would be hasty and difficult if Dining room and Kitchen are far from each other. Set the flow of space in an easy manner, perfect to walk in between kitchen and dining room