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Building Different Types Of Spa at Home

Relax so you can be brought back to life!

Nowadays, people are becoming stressed and overwhelmed with their hectic lifestyles and jam-packed schedules. 

  • Building Different Types Of Spa at Home
  • Building Different Types Of Spa at Home
  • Building Different Types Of Spa at Home
Building Different Types Of Spa at Home
Building Different Types Of Spa at Home
Building Different Types Of Spa at Home


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    They are learning to stay busy and tired. Their stress is aggravating to the point that their thoughts have become irrational, their behaviours uncontrollable, and their ability to make decisions weak. Failing to appreciate the power of relaxation, many of them have crashed. The most fruitful investment you can make to yourself is to rest. Relaxation is beneficial for health. On a physical level, it increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, and strengthens the immunity system. As for the intellectual level, it brings peace of mind and tranquillity to the soul. Indeed, one of the most effective and proven ways for relaxation is a spa. So why don’t you consider a spa home


    Spa history

    “Salus per Aquam” which means the ability of the water to heal is the acronym of the word spa. Dating back to hundred years before, people have believed that an aromatic bath can repair the skin, relax the nerves and heal the wounds. In addition, a fragranced massage can release all tensions, rejuvenating the muscles and revitalising all body parts. This belief has gradually turned from a thought to reality, giving in the 20th century, birth to health resorts, and expanding to the spa demographics all over the world. Step by step, a spa has been transformed from a luxurious pampering to health treatment and an escape from our stressful living. 


    Spa benefits

    The main benefits of a spa can be summarised below:

    - Balancing the body and the mind by improving physical and mental health

    - Rejuvenating the body’s organs by the effects of the warm water

    - Improving sleeping at night by relaxing the muscles and reducing fatigue

    - Intoxicating the body by opening the pores and eliminating all dirt inside them 

    - Fighting cardiac problems and diabetes as well as other chronic diseases 

    Different types of a spa at home

    Now it is possible to create a relaxing atmosphere at home by building your spa there. So turn on your favourite YouTube music. Music calms the soul and makes you more joyful. Grab your slippers, your colourful towels, your robe baths, and all other needed supplies. Also, adjust the lighting to fit your chosen mood. And now get ready to embark on a smooth and peaceful journey. 

    Spa day facial treatment

    Our face needs a lot of care. Its skin problems from wrinkles to blemishes to dark sunspots never seem to end. Thus, a spa day facial treatment is what every woman needs to feel more vibrant and beautiful. Many ready-made masks are available in the market. Others can be made home simply by surfing the internet and searching for a mask of your choice. The following masks can be made from natural ingredients at your home. These masks will leave your face glowing and soft:

     - Cucumber and yogurt Mask

     - Honey and oatmeal mask

     - Baking powder and lemon mask

     - Banana, baking soda, and turmeric mask

     - Olive oil and avocado mask

    In addition, toners and scrubs can also be used to clean your face from all impurities. But before applying any mask, kindly examine your skin type and be aware of any allergies that you may have.

    Spa day hair treatment 

    Just like your face, your hair needs care too. It is one of the main beauty elements in someone’s appearance. Women’s charm is often defined by how her hair looks like. Moreover, hair not only gives a lasting impression, but it also expresses its owner’s personality and confidence level. 

    Not all shampoos at the market are healthy. Many contain harmful chemicals that will damage your hair. Thus, a spa day hair treatment is crucial. Bring your scalp back to life with these natural hair masks:

     - Almond milk and coconut oil mask 

     - Banana and honey mask

     - Honey, egg, and apple cider vinegar mask

     - Egg white and lemon mask

     - Avocado, baking soda, and egg mask

    Applying hair masks will make your scalp smoother and will fight dryness, hair loss, dandruff, dullness, and many other hair problems. 

    Spa day bath salt treatment

    A normal shower can be turned into an exquisite home spa experience with few simple steps. The adventure begins by adding sea salt into the water. Salt contains many minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals form a great scrub for the skin and an amazing exfoliator. They clean the pores, get rid of dead skin, and remove excess oil or acne. This bath salt is never completed without adjusting the water temperature. It is often recommended to switch from hot to cold and then from cold to hot to improve blood flow. Foot spa at home can also be combined with this bath salt experience. Soak your feet with sea salt and exfoliate them with lemons or some creams. And finally to get the best bath salt spa experience, do not forget to switch off the lights, light some candles, and enjoy the peace that comes with that. This dreamy environment will make you feel even more relaxed and energetic.

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