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Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style

Staring at your closet filled with clothes, yet saying: I don't have anything to wear! Is this scene familiar to you? Of course, it is! This happens to people almost every day, who feel that they have nothing to wear because they don't have enough space in their closet, hence, everything is messed up and they cannot see their clothes clearly! While having a clutter-free closet is quite impossible, a well-organized closet is reachable.

  • Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style
  • Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style
  • Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style
Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style
Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style
Best Closet Organization ideas to Maximize Spaces and Style


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    Moreover, if you are discouraged by a small closet, the best way to organize closet is to make your space seem bigger! An organized closet streamlines your morning routine, and lets you see your clothes clearly, allowing you to make new combinations! No matter the size of your closet, you still can maximize its space and arrange it. Instead of buying a bigger closet, apply these 7 closet organization ideas, creating twice as much space as you had before. 



    1. A clothing rack


    Whether you have a stuffed closet or have no closet at all yet, a clothing rack could do miracles when it comes to organization. Since clothing racks expose your wardrobe, this will force you in a way or another to always keep things tidy and organized! Here's an example below of a clothing rack, designed by @hanginthere_mtl, a professional home designer who is the best at combining function and beauty. Based in Montreal, she provides home organization tips and solutions.





    2. Season-based storage


    Put all unseasonal items away, whether in not-easily-reachable spots around the house or under your bed or even on top of your closet but not in it. That way, you will be saving a lot of space, like it is shown in the closet organized by @itshoneydone, who specializes in tackling messy projects and organization, and knows the best ways to organize closet.





    3. Sliding doors


    These doors are true space-savers and are very easy to DIY as well. They are most useful in tight corners. These sliding doors can also be replaced with a barn or curtains. Below is an example of sliding doors for closets designed by @slenkanciossistemos, a very well-known design, manufacturing, and installing furniture company in Vilnius, Lithuania.



    4. Shelf Dividers


    Shelf dividers or even shoe organizers could be very handy for your piles of sweaters that you always fear might fall on the ground every time you take one of them. @sortmyhouse, an organization, and decluttering service did it very well with the bags. You can use these dividers for anything from clothes, bags, shoes, or even accessories.



    5. Baskets and more baskets


    Baskets could be used to stack shoes, accessories, jewelry, clothes, etc. What is interesting about baskets, like the handmade willow baskets below, crafted by @hopewoodbaskets, located in Worcestershire, UK, is that you can throw in whatever you like, and it won’t look messy, and without making your closet look cluttered.







    6. Doubled closet


    There is always this extra space in the lower part of our closets which cannot be filled with anything, I mean, the part between the hanging clothes and the bottom part. For extra space, you could use a closet hanger organizer or add another bar with hooks and hang more clothes there, as @loftdoors did in the below shot. You can also hang your bags or accessories on this double bar!




    7. Coat racks


    Coats usually take a lot of space in the closet and make it look messy and chaotic, so why not buy yourself a coat rack, and put it in the corner of the room with all your coats hanging on it? Even if you will be hanging them out in the open and exposing them to more dust, but they will look organized and allow you to maximize your closet space for slimmer items to hang instead. The rack in this space designed by @hisakazushimizu is a very artistic coat rack and practical as well. @hisakazushimizu is actually known for his wonderful modern product designs in his entourage.