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Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away

Do you spend your free time scrolling designs for your powder room, bathroom tiles , and bathroom cabinets? Do you find yourself daydreaming about bathroom accessories and creating pinboards? Then a new one might be a good idea for you. 

A good design should have style and be practical at the same time.  The important thing is to know how and we are here to show you how. We are here to help you whether you are looking for a full remodeling or to a cost Whether you’re thinking total transformation, or a cost-effective and chic update. 

We are going to explain the steps you need to take to design your new space the right way. Check what is trending in the latest styles. Think about bathroom tiles design, storage, flooring and window dressings. Just keep scrolling to get answers on all your powder room ideas. 

  • Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away
  • Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away
  • Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away
Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away
Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away
Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Right Away


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    Start with the flooring


    When you want to remodel your place, choose flooring that is friendly to the user of the room. It must be good looking too. If you have kids, bathroom tiles should be slip resistant to keep them safe as kids are not steady on their feet. It must be also durable in the room condition, which may include frequent splashing. Also make sure not to use tiles designed for walls on the floor. 

    Bathroom tiles design could be from any material:

    They can be 

    Porcelain tiles: as they are practical and very easy to clean and maintain. They can also replace stone or wood. 

    Natural stone flooring: They are timeless and stylish and durable. Make sure it is suitable for a wet place, stone must be porous and should be sealed. 

    Rubber: Perfect for households that have young children. Who will splash all the time. They are also fail if anyone falls. Just make sure they have a good slip resistance. 

    High quality vinyl:  Luxury vinyl is comfortable and warm under the feet. They come in statement colors and look just like wood and stone. 

    Laminate flooring: it is easy to take care of it. Make sure the design you choose is perfect for your own washroom. 

    Engineered wood: it has a structure that makes it more stable than solid wood. Some kinds are more recommended for washrooms. It is best that it is used in an adult only washroom where it won’t be left wet for a long time. 

    Plan smart storage while designing the powder room

    Storage is always an essential thing to take into consideration since beginning designing a bathroom to avoid cluttering the room surfaces with toiletries, toilet rolls, and freshly cleaned towels. When you are buying furniture, think about buying: 

    Fitted storage: that’ll be useful to store the whole family’s essentials. Just like kitchen cabinets, it can help use  the most of the space from floor to ceiling with cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. 

    Vanity units:  that contain basin and cupboard in one for a space-efficient footprint. 

    Wall-hung:  bathroom cabinets that often have mirrors on the front that’ll keep all your bathroom accessories.

    Freestanding furniture:  which may be designed for the bathroom, or for a more individual look, why not bring in other cabinet furniture?




    Select your wall 

    Wall tiles are the shield that will protect washrooms from water whether it is in the shower area, bath or behind the basin. They can use patterns or any colors. To make things more interesting, choose a change of tile colour to zone a certain space. You can use for example red in the shower area, You can also use the same tiles as on the floor but change their forms from rectangular to square for example. Consider also creating mosaic splash backs.



    Take into consideration the lighting.

    You should start thinking about lighting since designing for your powder room. You can plan a flexible lighting. The room can then be bright enough for delicate tasks such as shaving and putting make up on or dimmed when you need to draw a relaxing lavender bath. 

    All lighting must be suitable for the zone of the room it’s in, determined by its proximity to a water source, so always check before buying and work with a registered electrician. 




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