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8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Split bathroom design ideas 

  • 8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home
  • 8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home
  • 8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home
8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home
8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home
8 Split Bathroom Designs Ideas to Enhance Your Home


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    What Are Split Bathrooms?

    Nowadays, one can have various options related to their house’s interior design. Modern décor has created a very broad spectrum for kitchen, living room as well as bathroom design ideas. One of the major trends that are invading the bathroom design interior is split bathrooms. Split bathrooms are designed to separate the bathroom into an entry area, containing the sink, and another area having the toilet seat and the bathtub. These designs were found to be efficient, modern-looking, and applicable! They provide a sense of space and privacy to your bathroom. Additionally, they can be carried out in various ways depending on your taste and requests. Discover some great modern, split bathroom ideas, and check out the images of bathrooms below.

    Why Split Bathrooms?

    Split bathrooms are not only a trend in the modern décor bathroom design ideas, but they have proven to be efficient and easy to usage. For example, bathrooms can be split into wet and dry areas. In this case, the bathtub or shower will be in an enclosed area, while the toilet, bathroom cabinets, bathroom tiles design and the sink will be on the other side. This will prevent the water stains and spots on the dry areas of the bathroom, as will protect the house members from slipping. 

    Wet and dry split bathrooms

    One of the most up-to-date bathroom design ideas is the wet and dry split bathroom. The image below shows a bathroom with a wet and dry split design. The sink and the toilet seat are on one side, and the shower is on the other. In this image, the splitting design is very modern and appealing as the bathroom is separated by a glass door. This design gave the bathroom a certain aesthetic and allowed the water to be enclosed in one area. This provides comfort, ease, and hygiene during the shower

    Sink and toilet seat separation

    Another idea includes the division of the bathroom into an entrance area, which contains one or two sinks, and an area that includes the toilet seat and the bathtub. This design is mostly used in the hospitality field, to provide an area for customers to wash their hands without occupying the toilet. This provides privacy and efficiency for these bathrooms

    Concrete separated bathrooms

    Moreover, one could also use various materials to separate the bathroom. For example, some designers might use concrete to divide the bathroom into two sections. This ensures the isolation of the shower from the rest of the bathroom, without taking out any space or blocking the bathroom. This design is shown in the image below. 

    No bathtub bathrooms

    In addition to these designs, some people may tend to completely separate the toilet from the bathing area. In these cases, the toilet will contain the toilet seat as well as the sink, while the bathtub will be contained in a separate room. An example is shown in the figure below. These kinds of bathrooms are very essential as one will not have to wait for another to finish the shower. It can be also used as a toilet for guests where they wouldn’t need a shower or a bathtub.

    Bathroom with bathtub and shower

    A creative way to create extra space and efficiency of a bathroom is to allow both the bathtub and shower to be used at the same time. This might seem a little out of hand, but if the bathroom is split nothing is impossible! A thin concrete wall can be created between the bathtub and the shower curtains, where both of these are closed by glass doors. Then these doors would open into the entrance of the bathroom where the sink will be located. 

    Bathroom with no toilet seat

    Another unique split bathroom design is the one that includes a shower or bathtub with a sink only. The toilet seat is absent from this bathroom and it is used separately in another area. This provides complete privacy for the shower and ensures the hygiene of non-wet areas.  

    The options and possible designs for split bathrooms are unlimited! One could create any décor or design from scratch according to their taste. You can create split bathrooms with round bathtubs, triangle ones, and even showers. Additionally, you can get artistic and use granite for your bathtub or shower. It is possible to change the layout however you like and create limitless bathroom accessories design ideas! 

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