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7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories

The new normal has become a working from home routine. Almost all of us have now a home office where we work every single day, or at least twice a week or three days a week. 

  •  7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
  •  7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
  •  7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
  •  7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
 7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
 7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
 7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories
 7 Tips for Stylish desk accessories


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    Google searches for desk accessories have crazily increased over the past year. Some are even searching for “new homes near me”, or “mid century modern living room”, or even “homes to build near me”, and they are using the results they get to be inspired of new ways to organize their desks, as newly-built homes or modern homes have for sure the “work-from-home-desk” concept. Since your official desk work is being done in the same place where you live, you will eventually need to add some stylish desk accessories to your office to make it more functional, appealing, and stylish! We are not just talking about accessories that match your trendy home décor, but also that go for your office in the city where you go the “other few days a week”. You should consider in your search everything from pen holders, to paper waste bin, to a coffee machine, or a magazine rack. A tidy desk is equivalent to a tidy mind, so you really should put some effort in this, as these accessories have the power to ensure a continuous workflow! We have thousands of desk accessories ideas but we had to narrow it down for you to our top 7 tips for stylish desk accessories!



    Trinket trays

    Trinket trays can be used for your keys, jewelry, or anything you want. This tray will keep your desk tidy and organized, even if it will get messy with all the things you will put in it, but it will still seem beautiful in a messy way! Check out this wonderful trinket tray from @cvv_art, a UK talented artist known for the wonderful trinkets she creates!





    A trendy clock

    Trendy clocks won’t just be used to tell the time or check how long until your next call or meeting, but to also add some trendy vibes to your home desk office. Check out this @the_qandeels_houseology Salvador Dali’s inspired melting clock! @the_qandeels_houseology is specialized in interior décor and lifestyle, based in Pakistan, and adopts a maximalist style in its accessories. For all those who love arts and paintings, this clock would be a wonderful accessory for your desk!





    Letter trays


    Letter trays are wonderful for storing paper and documents in a safe and elegant way. Moreover, they are very practical and come in many colors. Check out this beautiful and simple letter tray from @fernsworthmodern, an auction house comprising art and design objects, based in Valencia St, San Francisco, since 2007. 




     Desk Lamps

    Make sure to choose small-sized desk lamps for your office. Desk lamps are wonderful for illuminating your workspace or sprucing up your desk. You can choose whatever design or style of desk lamps you prefer, but make sure that it matches your overall design style adopted in your home office or city office, just like the lamp from @originalbtc, a British lighting manufacturer, which has showrooms in London, Paris, New York, and Taiwan.





    Pen pots


    Pen pots are present at all desks. They are very useful for putting pens, for separating different types of pens, from pencils, ink pens, color pens, etc. check out this late 19th/early 20th century stoneware jars used as pen pots! They were mass produced but all have a lovely organic handmade feel, from @vintageofficestore, specialized in vintage designs and analogue accessories for the modern workplace and home. 




    Photo holder

    Photo holder turn plain walls around your desk into fabulous walls, displaying your favorite magazines, or photos with your beloved ones, or eve your artwork! Check out this photo holder from @craftee_home, an entrepreneur and creator of handmade gifts and customized accessories.




    Paper bin


    Paper bins are a must I a desk office! Apply waste management in your desk but in a stylish way! This paper bin from @wear.earthero, specialized in waste management accessories, is a wonderful add up to your desk office!