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7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture

Arabian architecture is very wide and constitutes several types of construction. In addition, Moroccan architecture in particular is very broad as it contains many colors, textures and geometrical designs. 

  • 7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture
  • 7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture
  • 7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture
7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture
7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture
7 Best Moroccan House Inspired by Moroccan Architecture


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    Moroccan Architecture's interior and exterior designs consist of several layering of furniture and accessories that create depth and dimension. The image below shows the most common type of Moroccan architecture imprinted with a modern vibe. It shows how Moroccan designers use several geometrical shapes such as circles, triangles and squares to create the traditional Moroccan house. They also like to create domes, arches and towers in their designs.  We can also see the various lighting accessories which are a modern design of the “fanous”.  Keep reading to learn about the best Moroccan house designs. 

    1. Colorful Houses

    If you want to imitate the Arabian architecture, and especially the Moroccan one, you might want to add more colors to your house. Moroccan designers often paint their walls with several bright colors to add life and excitement to the house. They prefer to use the blue color as it creates a relaxing as well as a powerful vibe. They use it in their Moroccan kitchen tiles  as we can see in the image below along with other various bright colors. 

    2. Patterned Houses

    Along with the wide usage of colors in the Moroccan house, patterns and ornaments are also enormous. Patterned tiles could be displayed on the ground as wee as the walls, and furniture with certain shapes and designs are also found. Patterned involve flowers as well as various colorful shapes. Additionally, Moroccan houses are known for the various textures and senses that are obtained by sculpting walls (wall painting ideas and sculpting) and ceilings. These designs will make your house appear more alive and Moroccan.

    3. On-Ground Furniture

    Arabian furniture is known to be very colorful and original. Moroccan ones in particular, are known to be carved and placed very close to the ground. The image below shows some colorful sofas, which are very low on the ground where they represent the lifestyle of the Moroccan people. We can also observe the various decorations which include vases and photos/ The Moroccan style that we can see in the picture, can be a little old-fashioned, so what you can do is that you can create your own modern Moroccan designed furniture.

    4. Islamic Designs 

    If you want to achieve a classic Moroccan style, you might want to use some Islamic designs. These also include some carvings in the wood and walls, where certain verses of the Quran are either carved or drawn on the walls. These represent the religion of the Moroccan people and their culture. 

    5. Geometrical Shapes

    Most of the Moroccan houses constitute shapes and patterns at a certain way. These can be seen as horseshoe arches at the house’s entrance, or even as semi-circles on the house’s door. You can get very creative with the geometrical shapes as you can place them in several parts of your house in an up-to-date style. 

    6. Fountains and Outdoor accessories 

    Many old-fashioned Moroccan houses have indoor and outdoor fountains for water supply. But nowadays, fountains are no longer that necessary for water supply rather than decoration. These fountains provide an aesthetic vibe and a relaxing sound. These in addition to some plants, trees and lighting accessories will make your outdoor house more relevant to a Moroccan one. 

    7. Patterned Kitchen Utensils 

    If you want to get into the Moroccan styled houses deeply, you might want to get some Arabian type dishes and coffee cups and coffee mugs. These are usually painted with bright colors and exciting patterns such as flowers, geometrical shapes and special designs!

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