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5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces

As any city citizen can attest, the smallest square inch matters. Sofas, chairs and adjustable bed frames can save space. The trick here is to buy smarter not more. The new trend is to actually downsize and to find new stylish furniture solutions. We all have difficult time to declutter certain items from your home, if you don’t have enough space you will have to sacrifice some of your household items. That’s why it is smart from the beginning to use multifunctional furniture. It is the perfect solution to save space without sacrificing your favorite items. Furniture that have a double function are the ones to go to. Here is five items that have great design and can be used in more than one way.

  • 5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
  • 5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
  • 5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
  • 5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces
5 multipurpose furniture items perfect for small spaces


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    1. Everything foldable!

    a. Ditch the bed, go for an adjustable bed frame

    For example, an adjustable bed frame is a great solution for small places. You use it at night and then during the day you can just fold it back. It saves places and it is a great solution for your back pains. It actually tilt to match your sleeping positions and create a comfortable position. Do not forget to buy matching mattress for your adjustable bed frame to not ruin your old ones.


    ozy sofa bed with cushions placed in modern light studio apartment



    b. the standing desk converter

    Did you know that even to work from home, you don’t need any desk? Actually a desk is a bulky furniture that will end with all your mail filed up on it . you can switch to a small computer desk or better yet to a standing desk converter. It accommodates a variety of body types and postures and suits both standing and sitting positions.

    You can always opt for a small computer desk from stickley furniture for a small vintage look too. Stickley furniture is about  enduring tradition, superior craftsmanship, an unshakeable philosophy of excellence


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    c. multifunctional folding table

    a folding table can be Compact enough to be a living room end table, or a home office desk, yet expandable enough to be a full dining table. An example of this kind of tables is the Vonanda’s Multifunctional Folding Table. It is a multi-use furniture piece for the modern home. Vonanda measures approximately 30 inches by 51 inches when fully extended, but folded up it takes up no more space than a slim side table would. The table comes with six lockable caster wheels and can seat up to four people.

    2. duty box wardrobe


    this box is great to organize shoes or store some essential bathroom supplies that can be spread here and there. 

    Perfect for small space living, where bathroom closets might not be included, this mirror provides all the organization you need to keep your home looking clean. 


    3. Space saving coffee tables


    Modern days are all about scaling down. Bulky desks are replaced by small computer desks and so are bulky coffee tables. They do not fit the modern lifestyle in the small apartments of big cities anymore. 

    For example, Christopher Knight Home Kendall Mod Swivel Coffee Table has an amazing look and is actually a three tables in one. You can actually also ditch the coffee table to a couch arm. It is really practical for real small places.

    4. As If From Nowhere

    it is  designed by Orla Reynolds . It is actually a bookcase. You would think a book case would only fit books, but here, this bookcase  houses two tables which can form one dining table and four dining chairs. This is a genius creation for small apartments. Owners can now stop sacrificing their dining tables. The chairs and tables are just as easily stored as they are taken out to accomodate current needs. A great example of versatile multifunctional furniture.

    /Users/corinneabitayeh/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/6f/00/6f9b/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6f9b.jpg


    5.  Wall Storage Unit

    This wall unit is perfect for storing laptops, tablets, chargers, and other items in your living room, while also using it as a television stand. You can also use this unit to display your art objects and books. It doesn’t take any space as you would be taking advantage of the wall vertically instead of taking more space on the floor.



    ollection of vinyl records on shelf in apartment




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