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12 Most Jaw-Dropping House Painting Ideas with Stunning Visual Effects

Choosing the best color palette for your interiors is not such a difficult task. But you may take a lot of things into consideration while picking the adequate colors, as choosing the right aesthetics can make all the difference in terms of lifting your mood and setting a scene. No need to overwhelm yourself with the millions of house painting ideas out there, we got you! You just need to do a small research and rule out the options you don’t like, before you decide on the adequate palette. 


  • 12 Most Jaw-Dropping House Painting Ideas with Stunning Visual Effects
  • 12 Most Jaw-Dropping House Painting Ideas with Stunning Visual Effects
12 Most Jaw-Dropping House Painting Ideas with Stunning Visual Effects
12 Most Jaw-Dropping House Painting Ideas with Stunning Visual Effects


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    Do not worry, as we compiled for you 12 most jaw-dropping house painting designs and colors with stunning visual effects, for you to save time and efforts! You should also note that every room in the house has color shades of its own, which means that there are colors that fit for the living room but are not appropriate for the bedroom. 

    Each room has its function and character. As colors send messages, you should pick the right colors for the right room. Painting whole walls is becoming a bit old-fashioned. People are opting for design in painting. 

    #F79646 ;">Color Block


    For example, you can try something like the color block effect from Nataja at @my_homeandfamily. This way, you can add interest without complicating the scene, bringing a color to a room in a very simple and easy way. 

    #F79646 ;">Scalloped Edges


    Another way to paint your living room wall painting design is the happy and cheerful example of scalloped edges wall from senior digital writer Megan Murray. The pink color she used has succeeded in drawing attention to the pink sofa and the wonderful cushions, which enhance the room and give it a special character. 

    #F79646 ;">Dalmatian Spots



    You can also get more creative by painting a patterned wall, like the Dalmatian spotted wall created by Kelly and Sarah at @jellyandjonny. In their caption, they mentioned that instead of opting for a wallpaper, they filled the entire wall with freehand Dalmatian spots, and it seems really cool! 

    #F79646 ;">Dark Feature Wall


    If you like feature walls, a classical choice, but need a contemporary twist to it, you can go for the dark blue wall paint where dark blue and white contrast in a very beautiful way, from Jamila and Michael over at @prosecco_lifestyle, creating a fresh, modern vibe. You can also add a similar gold object like the mirror hanged on the wall, which gives the room a luxurious feel. 

    #F79646 ;">Frame Paint


    However, if you do not like that much painting walls, you can try a simple yet applicable idea from Sarah at @houghton_no5. She painted a darker color behind hanged prints, helping the color in the pictures to pop. So, it’s more like a frame to the prints! 

    #F79646 ;">Painted Arch


    Another trendy painted arch idea has been making its way around Instagram lately, within house/ wall painting ideas colors outside or inside. You can apply it to frame a certain area of your house, like the painted arch idea from @nabiilabeehome, or to just add an eye-catching spot to a room. 

    #F79646 ;">Patterned Bathroom


    As for bathrooms, the quietest place where we all love to spend time in, they need to be relaxing and joyful. You can turn your bathroom walls. (ideas for painting walls) into beautiful patterned ones like the one crafted by @houghton_no5 or just paint a relaxing color like bright green or blue. 

    #F79646 ;">Wall Painting 


    When it comes to the children’s room, you can go as wild and creative as you like, as this will enhance the imagination of the children and make them more curious! You may dedicate a wall in the children’s room for an interesting painting like the one made by @colorhousepaint! 

    #F79646 ;">Fancy Wall


    You can also find at the same color house paint a dark velvet green wall for the modern living room, which gives the space a luxurious yet fancy feel. 

    #F79646 ;">Traditional paintings 


    On the other hand, paintings will also do the job! You can hand a traditional painting that depicts a feature of your country, like the one painted by Artist Fady Shammas over @artbuzzbeirut of Ain El Mraisseh region in Lebanon.

    #F79646 ;">Modern painting


    Modern art is best fit for modern houses! You may hang in your living room a painting similar to the one created by The Fyxx.

    #F79646 ;">Storytelling painting


    If you like to showcase paintings that tell a story, a painful one in particular, you can go for something like the barbed wire painted by Palestinian Artist Sliman Mansour!

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