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10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas

Some of us might live in a city apartment and some others might live in bigger spacious space in the suburbs. But both cases underutilize their hallways. It is usually not large enough to fit your accessories and furniture but you may not want to lose this space. Just because it is not a well-defined room, the corridor is the first thing anyone who visits you see. That’s why you want it to be sensitive, functional and welcoming. In summary, you need to style this space to your advantage. From paint to plant, let us find an idea that works for you!

  • 10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas
  • 10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas
  • 10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas
10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas
10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas
10 Clever Hallway Decor Ideas


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    1- Create a Gallery hallway


    you might see it as a white dull useless corridor, yet it can be turned to an exposition. The hallway can be used to hang all the family portraits, photos or artwork. In that way you can add your personal touch. Choose frames from the same colors to add a certain pattern.


    2- Recreate a farmhouse decor.


    Cover your wall in shiplap. As any designer near me would say, a shiplap make the space look more important and higher standard. It is also more durable.  If your house follow a farmhouse décor, adding shiplap will make a rappel to your house. It is a pretty and space saving idea.


    3- half painted hallways doors and doors


    Every interior designer near me agrees that it is boring to settle to one color. Mix and match 2 colors like blue and white or pink and white to create an interesting effect


    4- Lavender for a country side effect


    When you paint your hallway in this color, you can directly smell lavenders. like the farmhouse décor, this tone can give you a countryside effect too. Add rustic furniture, and a mix of ceramic and glass vases for a cute country look.


    5- Use the hallway as a storing space


    Why let this space go to waste? Don’t toss your stuff on the first table you see just because you do not have a closet in the hallway. A whimsical sign or favorite piece of artwork will charm anyone who happens by.



    6- Mirror Mirror on the wall


    Use a round mirror and if you have space add a console underneath it. A mirror is the best friend of small apartments and narrow spaces. Use several round ones with different size can be a decorative element, a useful element while you check yourself while going out and add that element of space.


    orridor of modern apartment with doors and mirror



    7- Lay down a rug


    Do you have a narrow long corridor that you do not know how to decorate? Use an area rug. Even better, use a runner. A runner can then define the area and add a warmth with its lively warm colors. You can also add a plant here and there in the corridor. The reflection on the mirror will add colors to the place too. While you can use this runner, you can always use a set of two vintage rugs. The varying patterns offer visual interest, but the similar color palettes keep the look cohesive. Even if you don’t have a lot of room for furniture, you can certainly pull off a small rug.


    allway With White Wall Paint


    8- Hang Wooden Hooks


    Let fashion meet function. Hang your hats on these wooden hooks. They can also be used to hang coats when you do not have the energy to put them in the closet. Your house in that way can stay tidy and clean while using your hallway.


    lothes hanging on hooks on wall


    9- Finish it off with floating shelves


    each designer near me would agree that whenever you have the chance addsome floating shelves. If you have wider hallway, add floating shelves to keep your mail, books or apartment keys. It also adds depth to the hallway. It is also a family do-it-yourself project that you can so it to bond together. They are functional without taking any floor space.

    nterior of contemporary apartment with white walls with picture and shelf



    10- Book lovers, this one is for you.


    All bookworms, if you do not want to give away your favorite books, or any book at all, you can add square shelves to your hallway. This storage item can hold a lot without making the space look cluttered. You can also use bins or baskets if you know how to organize them


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