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modern home library ideas for book lovers

When thinking of a perfect space, we tend to imagine it with the factors that are the most convenient for our comfort and elements that we enjoy within our private bubble automatically attached to it. These spaces speak and portray the person’s character through the creation of a certain experience. For &

  • modern home library ideas for book lovers
  • modern home library ideas for book lovers
  • modern home library ideas for book lovers
  • modern home library ideas for book lovers
  • modern home library ideas for book lovers
  • modern home library ideas for book lovers


    Home library décor should provide a certain state of comfort to avoid transgression with the person’s imagination while reading and experiencing the space by adding an elegant charm in this safe corner with a book archive integrated within the space.

    For this blog, I will be sharing home library ideas in different types of spaces and communicating different experiences. 

    The library’s role in a house is changing dramatically with information that are available virtually anywhere at any time. Housing countless books has become of secondary importance for people but this isn’t the case for bibliophiles who still find joy in the physical book itself and consider the home library as a broader resource than ever and a crucial part of the interior design of a space. The library doesn’t require more space within the house, but simply rethinking how the library “corner” is used.

    The following image shows how Kassar company interpreted the home library in an apparent kids’ bedroom making it part of the working space with two sets on each side of the desk.

    Kids can place their books in the library freeing up space on the desk, especially now that online classes and activities are becoming dominant. 

    In a render view, 3d.max.render, a 3d render and animation company based in Beirut, Lebanon, developed a more mature and office like use of a library inside a home space. The library can be used for décor as well as storing books for professional or personal use. 

    Speaking of storage and library use and for home library ideas, the image shows a design of a library made out of steel rods for support with stone shelves where books are combined with decorative elements.  

    On the shelves are places different types of objects, from decorations (paintings, pictures, different types of arts) to plants, candles and certainly books. 

    This makes us rethink what additional functions can a library provide to the space where it is inserted. 

    In a restaurant, in another type of space, the same architects introduced a library as a separation between two areas which is interesting as it provides an additional function to the space and the people interested. 

    In an open layout living and dining room, the two spaces are served with a library as both a decorative element and an extension of the function of the living room. modern white shelving type used on two levels connected with a void. The room’s formality and elegance was emphasized with the colorful and cozy aspect that was added by the library. 

    In this dining room, Basharzarif inserted a library as a stylish focal point on the entire wall of the space. The attention goes to the library as it is treated in a very delicate manner where the library and middle part that is actually the reachable part as well is left open while the other parts of the wall are covered and enclosed. 

      The following images show living rooms designed by different architects but that interpreted home library décor in the same way by inserting the library and making it part of the TV station. The library fills the empty spots in the wall and add an additional value to the space all by keeping it accessible and easy to reach for the user. 


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