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How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs

Arabian living rooms inspire luxury and extravagance. If you like to indulge the most fanciful décor visions and enjoy maximalist furnishings and decoration, then you should consider adding some Arabian vibes to your living space. Purchase a luxurious chandelier, hang down some Arabian curtains, use generously gold shades in your furnishings, and you

  • How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs
  • How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs
  • How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs
  • How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs
  • How to have an Arabian Style for Living Room Designs


    Decoration represents peoples’ culture and character. But, as the globe is almost becoming one gigantic city, we became capable of adopting the style and culture we feel most attracted to. When one thinks of Arabian décor style, extravagant and classical Arabian nights scenery come to mind. However, the modern Arabian design style is more of a fairly minimalist style. Arabian living rooms are also very exotic, full of unique details and luxury furnishings as if you entered a palace! Before delving into detailed ideas and inspiration, you should think first which Arabian interior design you prefer, the classical one or the modern one. You will find below some features particular to Arabian décor.


    Arabian décor in general is known for bold colors, where tones are usually earthy, with splashes of rich reds, golds, ochres, and oranges, while gold dominating the theme. Metallic objects are essential to this decoration style, and furniture is generally elaborately carved. For an authentic Arabian look, you may add fascinating lanterns to your living room, rich rugs, textured and layered fabrics. A wall or two are often textured in Arabian living rooms by using wallpapers or textured paint. Apart from walls, bright colors are also found in rugs, pillows, drapes, etc. where colorful energy flows in the living space, as shown in the living room fashioned by @andreaschumacherinteriors.


    Textiles are the focus of attention in an Arabian living room. Luxurious weaves, feels, colors, and designs are a must in an Arabian-style living room. This is done by using heavy drapery, embroideries, silk, deluxe Persian rugs, rich fabric. Windows treatment is also an Arabian feature, along with so many prints that are found confusing yet powerful. We can notice the beauty of these textiles in the living room design of @tissus_ismaili.


    Unlike the western décor styles, Arabian living room designs do not include sofas and seating furniture, as the Arabic seating was on floor cushions or low benches. Nevertheless, as Arabian decoration evolved, wooden and elaborately carved sofas and chairs, abstract or geometrically-patterned entered the Arabian scene, next to the other furniture, such as room divider screens, small tables like in the living room designed by @maisonbencherif, and lanterns produced by @ciaras_homestyle.


    Chandeliers always steal the show in an Arabian living room. One should dare to pick the biggest chandelier that can fit the living room. The light and shadow these lanterns and chandeliers throw around them give a certain intimate feel to the living area, and also work well for small living room designs, giving an impression of a more spacious area. This feature is well translated in the living room designed by @maisonbencherif.


    Arabic architecture is defined by bold forms. If you would like this feature to pop out in your living room, go for carved doors and windows, columns, arches, and ornate details. The columns and arches were taken from Roman influence upon the Islamic Civilization and then adopted in Arabian decoration. Mosaic, curved lines, and a lot of details are also very Arabic. 


    The setting is designed in a way that promotes a comfortable ambiance. The Muslim and Arab cultures value a sense of harmony and personal space. Therefore, space arrangement is one of the most important features of modern Arabic interior design, as we can note in the living room designed by @moroccanlivingrooms1.


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