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20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home

Arabian style is always accompanied by mystique, and a layer of opulence that many people look for. Whether you are looking to stay modest with dark earth tones, or to decorate your home with large golden statement pieces, any of these interior style ideas can be fit for you.  If you are looking to transport your rooms into the Arabian nights stories, below are 20 interior

  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home
  • 20 Arabian Interior Style Ideas for Your Home


    1. Earth tones and warm color palettes

    Arabian homes are distinct in their color palette. They are always characterized by deep red tones (there’s a reason it’s called Morrocan red!), and a desert’s color palette. Whether you are looking to keep the space neutral or add a bright orange wall as an accent, you can’t ever go wrong with earth tones.

    1. Textured walls and floors

    Arabian designs are known for their tapestries, their colorful patterns, and their rugs. Adding texture whether on your walls or on your floors elevates the room and adds that sense of opulence. Opt for themed tapestries, textured wallpapers that mimic cushion fabric, or long, patterned rugs that cover your space.

    1. Curtains

    In theory, it may sound weird to add a curtain in spaces where the sun doesn’t shine through, but in practice, it often pulls the theme together and pushes it through. Using golden colors that complete the deep burgundies of your rug, for example, will add that sense of mystique you’re looking for.

    1. Morrocan style entrances

    If you’re feeling like turning your living room into that of a castle, Morrocan style entrances are the easiest way to do so. With your entry in such an elegant shape, it will elevate the entire room, even if you choose to opt for minimal furniture. You can add curtains for an extra touch.

    1. Mixing textures

    When it comes to making your furniture interesting, Arabian rooms are known for mixing texture. Add metallic cushions to a regular couch, or drape a patterned animal skin duvet over your earth tone bed.

    1. Extravagant chandeliers

    Arabian style is built on extravagance, and there’s nothing more extravagant than a chandelier. Accentuate the rims with golden colors, and shape it in round Morroccan ways, and you have a statement piece for your living room.

    1. Fringes and tassels

    Traditional Arab rooms always include a fringe or a tassel of some sort. Whether it be over your curtains or on your cushions, they always add a little personality to each room.

    1. Floor cushions

    In Arab culture, seating furniture was never common. Arabs are known for sharing meals while they sit together on the floor on dark cushions. Adding a few elements of this to your room, even if it’s just a few cushions by your sofa, will really give it that traditional look. 

    1. Low furniture

    Within that same theme, you can get low furniture to complement them!

    1. Wooden furniture

    Many Arab countries are known for the wood they produced, which is why wooden furniture is so commonly seen. Walnut, rosewood, cedar wood, or even peach wood are all common in these designs.

    1. Displaying metal antiques

    Whether it be an Aladdin style oil lamp or antique tea sets, these are always available in rich golden colors, and can always be set around your home. They don’t have to be for use, but they do add an air of mystique to your design!

    1.  Minimal lighting

    When we think of Arabian nights we think of dark rooms filled with an air of mystery. What better way to achieve that than to rely on the light of a few scattered lamps when you’re looking to have company over

    1. Ceramic decoration

    Colorful ceramics are must in every Arabian style home! Be it plates, cups, or even vases, it makes your walls and cabinets look alive and adds a personality to your room.

    1. Antique lanterns

    Dangling wooden lanterns from your ceilings will give your home the look of Arabian festivals and the fun you’d want to have with the guests you’d have over.

    1. Mosaic walls

    To really bring life and tradition into your homes, try colorful mosaic walls. You can have fun with the shapes and the color palette, and no matter the result it will always look artistic and lively. 

    1. Evil Eye

    You can incorporate elements of Arab culture. For example, in Arab culture, displaying an evil eye can protect you from other people jinxing you in any way. Plus, it adds a nice pop of color and interesting shapes.

    1. Detailed Ceilings

    Detailed patterned and textured ceilings are the one detail that add the air of opulence to your entire room. Add some gold accents and some traditional designs, and you’re guaranteed to feel like your home has turned into an old Arab castle.

    1. Arched Windows

    Arabian architecture is best known for its arched ceilings and windows. It almost mimics the artistry of mosques while still looking modern and creative. It also adds dimensions to your home and beauty.

    1. Symmetry

    Arabic architecture and interior design is always characterized by its symmetry. This is why it is so well known for its curtains, its excess of furniture like couches and coffee tables, its entry ways. You don’t need to build an arched entryway, but consider adding a second coffee table and positioning them at opposite ends of the room for a sense of symmetry.

    1. Repeating Patterns

    Most arabic furniture and wallpapers have a similar style of rounded, symmetric, and repetitive patterns that give out an arabian feel to any home. This type of furniture is often accompanied by pillows of similar patterns and an accent color in throw pillows and painted walls to add some contrast .


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