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15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit

Coziness has many different meanings, changing between people, mainly because it is a feeling that we have towards certain items. Mainly, it expresses a feeling of comfort, relaxation and warmth, which we all sentiments we would like our own homes to convey. 

  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit
  • 15 Cozy Places Ideas from Reddit


    Small private office

    Home offices have gained popularity with people working from home the past year, and personalizing your office is a great idea, by adding a comfortable chair, some books to pass the time or by even adding some dim lights. Your workspace normally includes a computer, desk and chair, but you can also place it next to a window for a fresh view when you feel overwhelmed or tired, or paint the walls a light color (light blue is comforting) to make the room more attractive, unlike the white offices that just tire you out.

    Backyard seating

    Backyards are very appealing due to the overwhelming presence of nature. Comfortable sofas, wide tables and good lighting to use during the night will make the backyard your favorite place to relax in. A gazebo is also a great idea, you can host small, intimate gatherings under it, hang out with friends, or just sit inside of it and gaze into your backyard to pass the time. Of course, a backyard needs some constant work and maintenance, but taking care of it makes it even more dear to your heart.

    Reading nook

    Reading nooks are usually next to your library, and interior house designers like to always have a window beside it, for natural lighting and a relaxing view of the outside. Small reading corners can also be mentioned here, with a comfy sofa, a spotlight aimed towards your book, and a small table next to it for resting the book, or a glass of water you might need. Mostly, people find comfort here because it is a peaceful area to sit in, and think.

    Uncluttered rooms 

    Clutter inside your room makes it visually unappealing, and will be the first thing you notice when you enter it, instead of the relaxing couch or bed you wish you could sit in. Usually, you’ll need some furniture to put your things in, but you could also make your existing furniture multipurpose, by having a bed with drawers hidden underneath for example. A storage room is also a good idea, dedicated to store all different trinkets from the house in, because a tidy room, is a cozy room.


    Cottages are small homely buildings in the midst of nature, and are usually build with wood or stone with a rustic style. If you’re looking to take a small vacation and just relax, cottages are the place to be. Being set in some woods/forest, nights will be much calmer than what you are used to have, paired with some rest and tea in the evening, you will probably start planning your next cottage vacation before finishing your current one. And during the day, a walk between the trees can be a relaxing choice, to say the least.


    Tents also tend to look comfortable from the inside, even if camping is usually accompanied by bugs and critters. While setting up your tent, it is a good idea to cover the floor with some thick bed covers, to protect from the ground cold, and to manage its interior beforehand. Some trinkets to keep the bugs away will also be appreciated, while you sit in your tent enjoying whatever nature is showing you. 

    Bed window

    Another idea is placing your bed right next to a window with a calming view of your surroundings. Depending on which direction the window faces, you could have the sun waking you up peacefully in the morning, or have a peaceful view of the sunset later in the day. In case your windows are too high, or you simply don’t want to commit this much to this idea, you could also look towards a projector.

    Bedroom projectors

    A new trend these days has millennials getting projectors, and using them in their rooms at night instead of having their beds beside a window. This way, they can choose whichever view they would like to have, at whichever time they have, and sleep next to it. Different scenarios could be a rainy city at night, some mountain range, a bright city, or almost anything you can find on your laptop!

    Light colored paint 

    Lighter colors bring peace and serenity. While white is calming and goes with almost anything, you can also include a light shade of your favorite color, like light blue or yellow, into your walls or lights and color up your room a bit to make it more welcoming for you.

    Natural lighting

    Natural lighting depends on the windows you have in your home and the directions they are facing, and house designers and architects take it into account before planning their work. For example, rooms facing east will have more sunlight during morning hours, while rooms facing west will get more sunlight in the afternoon and at sunset, which also affects the room’s temperature.


    Skylights are windows placed on the ceiling of a room, and affect its lighting drastically. They are another source of natural light, but also give a new view towards the outside of your house. While windows allow you to watch your surroundings, skylights can be placed in positions to allow you to watch the sky, the moon, and the rain from above you, which are very calming during many hours of the day. 


    A significant part of coziness is warmth, and a fireplace signifies exactly that. When people see a chimney, they imagine themselves wrapped in blankets, warm, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying themselves. Just like reading nooks, the area around a fireplace is great for sitting around, meditating, and processing your thoughts and enjoy some quiet time. You could also sit around it with a friend or relative to make some small talk and catch up.

    Adding plants

    Adding plants to a room will make it more colorful, and will also freshen up the air inside of it. It is also a fun hobby to have. You can choose between succulents, which require minimal attention, ferns, which can get quite big, and flowers or small trees to take care of and show off, depending on your ‘green thumb’ skills and personal taste, as well as your house interior. Keep in mind: plants and pots could be home to some small insects and critters, and you should watch out for them.


    A lot of the top posts on the cozy subeditors contain pets, with fluffy fur and being usually small, and they themselves look cozy and relaxed inside the room. A house cat is mostly carefree and shows it with its face and poses, while also seeming warm all the time because of its fur, and it invites you to sit down with it, relax, and hold it in your lap while petting it and enjoying some peace and quiet. Smaller dogs also seem cozy sometimes, but they require more maintenance and care, and are sometimes a bit too energetic. 

    Wall decoration

    Hanging some small paintings or pictures can make a room look cozier if done right, but should not be used in excess, or else it will create clutter. Common hangable items are shelves to hold other small trinkets, personal trinkets to be specific since they give a room a more homely and intimate feeling, and there are also plant pots, called wall planters, that can be attached to a wall and grow small plants in, like succulents as mentioned above. Wall art is also a famous choice, since it gives the most liberty in choice, and can fit with almost any room theme and décor, as well as it can depict any place, person or memory that you would like to see in the room. 


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