How To Light Your Bedroom?

Some people like it dim, some like it bright, while others love the neon.

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    Bedroom  lights come in many forms and you have a huge catalogue to sort  through. There are some technical factors to consider, of course, which  can help you create your first bedroom decor shortlist.

    Room Size 
    Consider the size of your room before choosing your lights. Some bedrooms have low ceilings and work better with standing lamps, or you could go for one bright and one bedside table lamp. The outlet locations will play a part and if you are setting up lamps with plugs, you need to install them close to the switchboards.

    Furniture Placement 
    You don’t want lights over your bed, but you want your bedroom illuminated. A little planning as to where you’re going to put everything will come in handy. If you have a television or a computer, you want your lights to be directed accordingly. 

    Choose Your Ambiences
    A night lamp is dim and quite suited for tired eyes as you head off to bed, but pretty useless for finding something. You need a medium but directed glow just over your dresser for those fine makeup sessions. And if all of that is in your bedroom, you need to make sure one does not infringe on the other. Installing separate ambient lights for different purposes will keep you covered on all fronts.

    Bedside and Reading lights
    Usually, a table lamp does the trick for the bedside, but there are technologies for installing reading lights in the headboard of your bed as well. These are great options if you have the habit of reading late into the night.

    Easy Access to Controls
    You can keep ceiling lights with centralized controls for varying intensities. These are most common with fluorescent lamps and tubes but can be installed with table and standing lamps as well. Make sure you keep the remote close by the bed, or you can also install a regulator access by the bedside.

    Illuminate Your Closet
    The closet is the part that’s overlooked easily. Walk in closets need it more and some of them even have their own dresser sections. Make sure all lights point away from your dressing room mirror and actor’s makeup style illumination seems to be coming back as a trend. Wardrobes don’t usually need their own lighting, but you can add one for convenience.

    Outside the Window
    Not really installing lights outside the window, but if you have a terrace leading out from your bedroom, you can consider setting up bedroom lights opposite to the terrace entrance to give it some light by proxy.

    Fun fact about bedroom lights, most of the time you are in that room, they will be dimmed or be turned off. You can also get really innovative with bedroom lights.
     Neon glow, LED, Poster lights, and even lava lamps are all part of a bedroom catalogue and you have the creative freedom to set it up as you like it. All these things can help you lighten up your bedroom. But don’t forget to add sophistication to your room with colored rugs or Persian carpets.



    by Naaman Antoun

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