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Working From Home? Here's Some Tips To Survive The New Reality

How you can make your Home Office space more productive?
Abdallah Mouneimne have some advises.

  • Working From Home? Here
  • Working From Home? Here
  • Working From Home? Here


    New Reality .. Working From Home.

    How you can make your home office space more productive?

    Dedicate a permanent space for your home office,It could be in the living room bedroom or kitchen.

    Separate your space with curtains shutters or make it in a closet.

    Make your working space comfortable, select the right seat, use the walls for pin-boards, shelves and storage.

    Make sure you have a proper natural or artificial light.
    Organize your space, use bins, containers and cable managers.

    Make a personalized space, use tools for movement and exercise, and a multi-level desk.

    Do you have an old Singer sewing machine?
    In simple steps, you can turn it into a special #home _office.
    Post a picture of your  old Singer sewing machine on #casadar

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